Camilla Gaiaschi

Camilla Gaiaschi is a senior assistant professor at the University of Salento. She has obtained a Ph.D. in sociology at the University of Milan where she subsequently worked as a post-doc while being in charge for several years of the course “Equal opportunities and scientific careers”. Before arriving in Lecce, she has completed a Marie Curie Individual Fellowship at the University of Lausanne with the project WIRED - Women In Research and higher EDucation.

Her research interests lie with gender inequalities in the labor market and in scientific professions, women in research, gender in science and welfare policies in a gender perspective. She has published on several national and international journals including Gender, Work and Organization and Social Forces.

Her book “Doppio Standard” covers eight years of quantitative and qualitative research on gender inequalities in the academic sector, in the biosciences and in the medical profession.


7 Dicembre 2023. Le differenze di genere nel mondo STEM | TEDxPotenza

Camilla Gaiaschi TedxPaviaSalon

6 Marzo 2023. Intervista a Maremosso, Feltrinelli

Camilla Gaiaschi TedxPaviaSalon


2023. Gaeta, A., Tagliabue, M., D’Ecclesiis, O., Ghiani L., Maugeri, P., De Berardinis, R., Veneri, C, Gaiaschi, C., Cacace, M., D’Andrea, L., Ansarin, M., Gandini, S. Chiocca, S. Are sex and gender considered in head and neck cancer clinical studies? Nature NPJ - Precision Oncology

2023. Gaiaschi, C. “Gender, class and the meritocratic ideal. The case of the life sciences in Italian Academia”, in Conley, H. and Koskinen Sandberg, P. (eds.) Handbook on Gender and Public Sector Employment. Edward Elgar.

2022. Gaiaschi, C. (2022). Doppio Standard. Donne e carriere scientifiche nell’Italia contemporanea. Carocci.

2021. Gaiaschi, C. Highly Skilled Women Reaching the Top: A Cost-free Achievement? Analyzing the Gender Promotion Gap in the Medical Profession. Social Forces, 100(2), pp. 622–648. EISSN: 1534-7605, ISSN: 0037-7732.


19 November 2023

Book City Milano

Gender paradoxes: women, career and innovation. Presentation of the book "Doppio Standard", with Ilaria Solari, Milano - Fondazione Feltrinelli.

16 November 2023

Double Standard? Women and work in Italy

Presentazione of the book "Doppio Standard" in the frame of the workshop "Doppio Standard? Donne e lavoro in Italia", Università di Firenze.

25 September 2023

Women that work: a still open issue

Debate around the movie "Full Time", by Eric Gravél, organized by FEMS du Cinéma and the Municipality of Venice, with Luciana Milani and Alessandra Minello. Teatrino Groggia, Venice.

12 September 2023

Gender inequalities in academia: looking through the glass door. Evidence from Italy

Invited seminar held at the University of Lausanne, LIVES - Swiss centre of expertise in life course research.

12 June 2023

Presentation of the book "Doppio Standard"

Department of Human and Social Sciences, University of Salento, Lecce.

26 May 2023

Presentation of the book "Doppio Standard. Donne e Carriere Scientifiche nell'Italia Contemporanea"

University of Turin, Department of Cultures, Politics and Society.

19 May 2023

Keynote at the plenary session SISEC Giovani - Università di Catania

Condemned to be excellent? Double standard and gender inequalities in research and science.

11 may 2023

Serve di scena

Invited talk within the workshop "Serve di scena" at the University of Salento, organized by the Amleta association on gender discrimination in the world of theater and entertainment.